I appear to be suffering from a) bad chocolate abstinence (all those chocolate eggs) or b) culture shock or c) I got up on the wrong side of the bed, because I totally f*ged up my jobinterview and nothing is working for me today at all. Its soooo irritating when nothing goes your way and you just sit there and wish you´d smoke and be french, `cuz then you could at least light a fag, fix your beret and calmly state “C´est la vie”. Yeah. Well, obviously I´m not french (I wish, then I would have passed my french classes with better grades) and I don´t smoke anymore. So all I can do is try to be philosophical about this day (cause I used up my quota of insane laughter before lunch) and go watch something nice. I was thinking Frank Miller´s 300- some half-naked men, a little blood and Gerald Butler. Sweet.

Not a beret, but I´d love to make these Crochet Mary Janes:


Big Blue Beret-pattern for those who need a beret:

 I´m meeting my proffessor in an hour, am trying not to think too much about how much I could screw that meeting up. Except I am. Damn, damn, blasted!


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